Advancing Road Safety: Exploring Alcohol Interlock Technology in Europe

The International Alcohol Interlock technology focused symposium will revolve around three key themes: Europe, Challenges and Solutions. It aims to explore advancements in alcohol interlock technology in the European context, address implementation hurdles, and showcase innovative approaches for promoting road safety and reducing alcohol related incidents worldwide.


We’re bringing together international policy makers, criminal justice and health professionals, licensing authorities, researches, government officials, innovators, and industry representatives to be part of a three day exploration of new ideas and innovative technological developments in the expanding field of alcohol interlocks.


Share research and best practices pertaining to Alcohol Ignition Interlocks, DUI compliance monitoring programs and preventative commercial applications.


Collaborate with international academic institutions, advocacy groups and government agencies focused on traffic and transportation safety.


Network with traffic-safety researchers, practitioners and industry professionals from around the world while developing skills and forge connections.


Showcase the latest innovations and developments in the design and production of Alcohol Ignition Interlocks and other impaired-driving prevention technology.